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crazywriterchic [userpic]
10 Words Challenge-1
by crazywriterchic (crazywriterchic)
at April 15th, 2007 (12:03 pm)

Title: An Experiment Gone Awry 
Author: Heather 
Genre: Sci-fi? 
Scene: Koch lab 210 

Narrator: Three average biology majors are just performing a tough lab. Things are going well when all of the sudden… 

Student 1(Kent): *Yells in pain* 

Student 2(Dana): What’s wrong Kent?!? *Face full of platonic fear* 

Kent: I just cut my finger on this Petri dish. 

Student 3(Josh): Well was anything in it? 

Kent: *Face calms down, now just concerned* I don’t think so, I was just pulling it down to use for diluting my experiment. 

Dana: Oh! Okay well I’ll get a bandage for your finger. Josh: Well since you’re alright let’s finish this thing and eat dinner, if you really call Harper’s food, food. 

Narrator: As the students continued working a strange noise could be heard coming from Kent’s stomach. 

Josh: Wow Kent, you must be hungry. 

Kent: No… I don’t know what that was… 

Dana: *Frightened face* Kent! What’s happening to your face?!? 

Josh: Holy cow I think he’s experiencing full body mitosis!!! 

Kent: What?!? 

Dana: Oh no! He’s going to transubstantiate into something else! There must have been something else in that Petri dish! 

Narrator: At this moment Kent can be seen withering in pain and collapses to the ground. --- 10 minutes later --- 

Dana: Oh my god. Oh my god… 

Josh: I’m calling for help now!!! 

Kent: *Gets up slowly while laughing slightly maliciously* No one’s calling anyone. 

Dana: *Passes out* Josh: Dude what’s wrong with you??? You made Dana pass out. 

Kent: *With Glib* Who cares if I made that girl pass out? 

Josh: What do you mean “that girl”? She’s your best friend, practically your counterpart! Who are you??? 

Kent: Who am I? Well I’m definitely not that weak girl’s counterpart, that’s for damn sure! Heck it’s worth nothing listening to you even speak! 

Josh: *Runs over to protect Dana from now crazy Kent* 

Kent:*Laughs maliciously again* How bout I try a biology experiment on the two of you? I’m sure an easy bisection could be in order. You know I can be quite hospitable when I want to be. *Grins* 

Josh: *Spits on Kent* Never you crazy!!! I don’t even want to know what was in that stupid Petri dish! 

Dana: *Wakes up and focuses in on Kent* 

Josh: You’re awake! 

Dana: *Talking to Kent* You nefarious man, I hate you! 

---The End --- 

Okay, since smartygirl39 was the only one to respond, she wins by default!