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crazywriterchic [userpic]
by crazywriterchic (crazywriterchic)
at September 30th, 2006 (05:17 pm)

I read this advice from the author Sherwood Smith, who wrote Crown Duel/Court Duel and the Wren series, but it was such a good thing to note that I had to share it. Also, I've read a couple of stories lately where the usage has been abused.

Don't write something that a person cannot physically do, or at least not do easily.

Case in point: turning on ones heel. Have you ever actually tried this. It's not easy and you really have to think about doing it. Usually you turn on your toes or the ball of your foot.

Okay, picky post done. Go on with your lives.

crazywriterchic [userpic]
Writingdesk Update
by crazywriterchic (crazywriterchic)
at May 28th, 2006 (08:36 pm)

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Thanks to x_lamia, who rocks my socks off and throws them wildly across the room, the_writingdesk has a new and way fab layout. Come view!

crazywriterchic [userpic]
by crazywriterchic (crazywriterchic)
at May 3rd, 2006 (11:21 pm)

Writing an interrogation/torture scene--more psychological torture than physical. Any advice? It just feels like the scene should be more tense than it is.

"All sorrows can be borne if we put them in a story or tell a story about them."
-------Isak Dinesen

I forget who saidthis but. . .
by The Elusive Mayfly of Love (panther_nesmith)
at May 2nd, 2006 (02:44 pm)

"writing is the art of staring at a blank piece of paper until blood pours out of your forehead."

On that note, how does one tastefuly allude to a physical relationship between an egg shaped robot and an orangutan?

frostcloud [userpic]
by frostcloud (frostcloud)
at May 2nd, 2006 (11:23 am)

Does anyone else here hate the million ways to cite a book, website, and various other forms of references?? I just wrote two research papers, one I bombed (I hate conforming to sceintific formats), and the other was a rough draft. Now I'm starting on another... and all three require different styles. God I hope my profs. won't notice....

So yeah, how is everyone doing. ^_^

ziggystardust13 [userpic]
A couple of quotes I found today
by ziggystardust13 (ziggystardust13)
at May 2nd, 2006 (12:29 am)

"I am a galley slave to pen and ink."
~~Honore de Balzac (1799-1850)

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."
~~Cyril Connolly (1903-1974).

crazywriterchic [userpic]
How much backstory is too much?
by crazywriterchic (crazywriterchic)
at April 2nd, 2006 (08:39 pm)

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I'm working on a story for writing class about a 42 year old woman who is having a mastecomy and used to cut on herself. I want to get across that this woman has serious issues with her body, and that this isn't a sudden thing. But how much backstory is too much backstory? How into it should I go if want the reader to get what I mean, but not bore everyone to death or have things get too confusing?

crazywriterchic [userpic]
by crazywriterchic (crazywriterchic)
at March 20th, 2006 (10:04 am)

I'm looking for a beta. I have a fic plotted out in the Firefly 'verse (yes, it'll be Rayne-shippy eventually),  I'm beginning the writing process, and I don't want it suck. Grammer and spelling checking is good, but I'm more looking for someone to tell me if I'm rambling on in pointless directions, where should I add more detail, where should I take some detail out, and if I generally sound like a git.

I'll take whoever responds with their email first.

Thank you very much.

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frostcloud [userpic]
by frostcloud (frostcloud)
at March 3rd, 2006 (06:08 pm)


I have a nifty writing desk reference book, as do all EC students, I could give all the info out and people could go buy it for their use. It doesn't give good peer editing, though, so that's the only drawback. :) I'm sure most college kids have some kind of writing book thinger.


crazywriterchic [userpic]
First Entry
by crazywriterchic (crazywriterchic)
at March 3rd, 2006 (04:08 pm)

This is the first official entry.


This is the first time I've moderated a community, so don't give me any reasons to have to woop butt, okay? I'm not very good at it.

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